Regular Meeting - April 24, 2012

Regular Meeting                              April 24, 2012

Crow Wing Town Hall                    6:00 p.m.

Board Members Present: Chairman Mark Platta, Supervisors Greg Smith and Dave Schultz, Clerk Virginia Rogers and those on the attached public roster.

Mark called the meeting to order and the pledge to the flag was recited.

No gopher bounties were claimed.


Violations were reviewed. Mark made a motion to send a letter to Garrett Robertson stating that any expenses involved in resolving his outside storage violation will be billed to the property owner now that the 30 day period is long past. The motion was seconded by Greg and passed unanimously. The property is still listed under the name of the former owner, so both parties will be copied on the letter and bill.

Rob Anthony was present to give an update on his property cleanup. He is working toward accomplishing enough clean-up to be able to remove the fence. 

Communication from Big Wood Timber Frames was reviewed. They are contending that the original application was for two signs and they have put up the second sign and should not be charged for a second permit . Brad and Justin reviewed their application which was for one sign on the building and one on Greenwood Street. The Greenwood Street sign was moved to another location, which is acceptable. The total number of signs installed, however, is six, not two. The staff recommendation was to charge for the additional signs. These payments have been received and the property is no longer in violation. Dave made a motion to not refund any of the payment made. The motion was seconded by Greg and passed unanimously.

Mike Eloranta was present to request that the end of Depot Street, which has never been maintained by the township, be closed off, due to vehicles coming out of the woods at high speeds onto Depot Street in a residential neighborhood. Discussion followed concerning how to limit or eliminate the traffic problem. Vacating the end of the street was eliminated due to a need to keep the connections for future roads open. Putting in a gate on the township property to establish an end to the trail was considered. It was determined that there is likely room for vehicles to turn around there so they would not have to back all the way out once they reach the end of the trail. Mark made a motion to install a gate with proper signage to be determined or wrapped with reflective tape. The motion was seconded by Greg and passed unanimously. Dave was asked to check to see if there is a statue governing this type of gate.

Sheriff Todd Dahl was present to give an update from his office and answer questions.

Nick Buffeto was present from Wild Rice Depot to request approval to renew the liquor licenses for the store and liquor store.  Greg made a motion to approve with a second by Dave and unanimous vote.  

Dog control was discussed briefly, but more information is needed and no motions were made.

A request to extinguish the public interest in a section of Burke Avenue had been received from Mike Sullivan. Since it appears that no properties would be landlocked and there is no real purpose to keep this small section of right of way, Dave made a motion to move ahead with the extinguishment process for this section of Burke Ave. The motion was seconded by Greg and discussion followed. The motion passed unanimously.

Dave brought a check for the aluminums signs that were taken in for recycling. He also brought the last check for payment to replace the street signs that were vandalized last year. The posts will be sold for $2 each. This will be posted on the website. They will be available for purchase during regular meetings only.  Interest has been expressed by a couple of parties in the old riding lawnmower. Dave will check into what the value of the mower would be.

Mark shared information from the Urban Short Course.  Ginny will look into a land use complaint form and policy for handling complaints.

Dave gave an update on roads. It was decided that the gator patch considered for patching Lone Oak Road is not the best method and likely a waste of money. Dave is waiting for an estimate from Anderson Brothers for tack coat, fabric and overlay of these areas.

Information from Region Five was considered. They had asked for the township’s assistance with a grant for The Farm on St. Mathias. The deadline was coming up too soon for the topic to be voted on at a regular meeting, so Region Five asked that we consider how we would handle requests such as this in the future. Discussion followed about how to facilitate this type of request. Mark had asked that a special meeting policy be set.  It was decided that whatever costs are anticipated to be involved must be paid for in advance of the meeting by the party requesting it. These costs would include meeting per diems, attorney fees, mileage and any required publication costs.

The minutes of the March 31st Road Tour and April 10th Regular Meeting were reviewed. Greg made a motion to approve the minutes as written. The motion was seconded by Dave and carried by unanimous vote.

Payroll was approved and paid and correspondence was reviewed.

 The meeting was adjourned at 9:30 p.m. by general consent.

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