Regular Meeting - November 1, 2011

Regular Meeting                                 November 1, 2011     

Crow Wing Town Hall                       6:00 p.m.


Board Members Present:  Chairman Mark Platta, Supervisors Greg Smith and Dave Schultz and Clerk Virginia Rogers and Treasurer Susan Goodew. Justin Burslie, Township Planner and Randy Powers were also present.

Mark called the meeting to order and the pledge to the flag was recited.


No gopher bounties were claimed.


The Anthony property was discussed. It has long been uncertain whether their operation should be considered as a business or if it is residential use and complaints continue to come in. The county has been accepting a permit fee from them every year, but has not indicated what the permit authorizes the Anthonys to do. The Anthonys believe that they are a licensed junk/salvage yard due to the annual fee that they pay. The county did not respond to our last letter requesting clarification of what the permit is for. It is important to establish whether the property is business or residential. It is important that the county responds, as the county was the planning and zoning authority when this determination would have been made. They are also the governing body that determined that the Anthonys were required to pay for an annual permit and they are still accepting this fee each year. A letter will again be sent to Chris Pence with a copy to the County Administrator. The letter will request a response to the question of whether the county recognizes it as a business or a residence, what the permit fee is for, what it authorizes the family to do on their property and what the county uses the fee for. It would seem that if a fee is charged, the county has some obligation to do more than simply take the money. If the county recognizes this as a business, they should indicate which parcel or parcels are recognized as being part of that business. A response will be requested within ten days before we have our attorney look into it further. All expenses after the October 22nd deadline will be billed to the property owner and assessed to the property taxes if remaining unpaid on November 30th. If the county verifies that the property has been previously recognized as a business, a letter will be sent to the Anthonys requesting that they attend the next meeting to review the ordinance requirements for a junk/salvage yard. Darrel Olson will be contacted to verify in writing that there are two inhabited dwellings on the property for which we have no record of land use permits or septic permits. Once this has been officially established, the Anthonys will need to prove that they had permits for both structures and a compliant septic system for each home.


The Tomberlin violation was also discussed. The debris on the property has not been removed. The outhouse has been inspected and found compliant, but not permitted for. A second structure is on the property with no record of a land use permit.  A letter will be sent to both Wade and Laureen Tomberlin informing them that since both properties are in violation, if any further complaints are received, both properties will be given 30 days to resolve the violations, after which both properties will be billed for any expenses incurred by the township to resolve these violations.  (This action was delayed due to finding that Laureen Tomberlin’s property is not in violation. It has been cleaned up. This will be discussed at the next planning commission meeting).


A letter will be sent to Isla Engholm informing her that Curt has not cleaned up the property, that the court date is November 21st and that all expenses since the August 31st will be billed to her as the property owner and assessed to the property taxes if unpaid.


Dave gave the road report including complaints that have been resolved and plans for signage. A sample snowplowing policy was reviewed.


Susie gave the treasurer’s report and claims were approved.


The minutes of the October 25th meeting were reviewed. Dave made a motion to accept the minutes as written. The motion was seconded by Greg and passed unanimously. Claims were paid and correspondence was reviewed.


The meeting adjourned by general consent at 8:10 p.m.

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