Regular Meeting - June 28, 2011

Regular Meeting                               June 28, 2011

Crow Wing Town Hall                     6:00 p.m.

Board Members Present: Chairman Mark Platta, Supervisors Greg Smith and Dave Schultz and Clerk Virginia Rogers.

Mark called the meeting to order and the pledge to the flag was recited.

No gopher bounties were claimed.

Brad Arnold gave the planning and zoning update. He asked for a decision on an ordinance amendment that is required by the state.  The Planning Commission recommended approval.  He also asked the board to make a decision on the refund of any unused portion of an application. Records indicate that most, if not all of the application fee had been used since the application wasn’t withdrawn until just before the scheduled public hearing.  The Chad Jillson property has been inspected and found to be cleaned up with only a minimal amount left to be finished. The court case has been dismissed.  A relative of the Roger Niesen attempted to apply for a permit for the property in violation. He was informed that the property has outstanding violations.

Greg made a motion to pass Resolution 2011-03, which is attached to these minutes. The motion was seconded by Dave and passed unanimously. Dave made a motion to deny the application fee refund request, based on the fact that the fee was spent in processing the violation. The motion was seconded by Greg and passed unanimously. Dave made a motion to adopt a policy which states that once an application has reached the point of having been published for public hearing, no refund will be considered. The motion was seconded by Greg and passed unanimously.

Mark made a motion to send a copy of the fence standards from the ordinance to Anthonys so that they can follow them when repairing the fence along their property. The motion was seconded by Greg and passed unanimously.

A complaint had been received about a rental property in Barrows where the grass has not been mowed.  A letter will be sent to the property owner asking that they look into this and discuss it with their tenants.

The loggers who will be removing timber from coujnty land near Cook Road and were present to ask if the township would be flexible on the 7 ton per axle limit on Cook Road so that they could haul ten cords per load.  Brian Pike was present on behalf of the county and stated that the township would get a portion of the surplus from the timber sales. The county gets 50% with the rest divided between the school district and local governments. Greg asked if the county would repair damage to the road that could be caused by the logging trucks. Brian Pike stated that they would work closely with the township but would not agree to pay for re-paving a long stretch of road should it sustain damage. They would repair any breakage to the edge of the pavement. Discussion followed concerning the low areas along this particular road, the high water table this year and what could be done to minimize damage to the road. The loggers were asked to have their trucks weighed with ten cords of wood on it and to turn that weight into the township. The topic will be discussed again at the next meeting. Dave stated that he doesn’t think the township should allow more than 7 ton per axle as the road is not suited for heavier weights. Greg said that he would be open to looking at the numbers and discussing it again. He asked what it would cost to build up the trail from the other direction. An estimate is $1000 to $2000, with the cost possibly shared by the county and the loggers. They had anticipated being able to use it as-is, but it is under water this year and will require some work in order to be usable. Mark noted that $2000 wouldn’t go very far to repair a paved road, should it be damaged. Dave added that is cost $7,000 to repair 100 feet of bituminous.

 Mark showed a demo of the cemetery records program he had created using power point. It appears that it will work and will be used rather than purchasing software, which has proven to be very expensive.

Dave gave the road report. He has started mowing the ditches. The tractor fits in the shed, but the mower does not. Dave will continue trying to figure out how to make it work. He will also pick up some small flags to mark objects that may be in the way for mowing and hidden by tall grass so that in the future they will be easier to spot. In the right of way on the end of 110th Street there are some stumps left from logging. Randy DeRosier broke snowplowing  equipment on one of them last year and he would like to remove them. The board agreed that he can do so. Randy was asked to work on the culvert at the Lukota property where it has been filling with sand. Len has been cleaning it out. Dave gave an update on Ditch #14, which the town board requested be opened up and maintained. The matter will need to go before the County Commissioners and someone is supposed to meet with George Burton to look at the ditch. Dave had a proposal from Dale DeRosier for repair to Cook Road. It was determined that the repair should wait until a final decision on the logging route discussed earlier.

The minutes of the June 14th meeting were reviewed. Greg made a motion to approve the minutes with one minor one minor correction. The motion was seconded by Dave and carried by unanimous vote.

Payroll was approved and paid and correspondence was reviewed.

 The meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m. by general consent.