April 13, 2010  Regular Meeting


The Crow Wing Township Board of Supervisors held its Regular Meeting on Tuesday, April 13, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at the Crow Wing Town Hall.  Present were Chairman Greg Smith, Supervisors Mark Platta and Dave Schultz, Clerk Virginia Rogers, Treasurer Susan Goodew and those on the attached public roster.


There were 164 pair of gopher feet presented by Robert Nibbe for bounty.


Cliff and Tim were present from North Central Speedway to request approval of the renewal of their license to sell 3.2 malt liquor. Greg made a motion to approve the renewal. The motion was seconded by Dave and carried by unanimous vote.


Planning & Zoning

A complaint about garbage at 10199 Depot Street had been received, stating that the garbage is blowing into neighboring yards. Upon inspection, it was found that there is an issue and a letter should be sent to Andrew and Talitha Blue giving them 30 days to resolve the violation before incurring expenses and being formally identified as a violation.


Petition to Vacate - Heron Street

A petition was received from area residents to vacate the unpaved north end of Heron Street (previously 2nd Street W). The board set a public hearing date of Tuesday April 27, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.


Ditch Mowing

Carl Boeder and Cal Boeder were present to ask how much mowing the township intends to do this year. It was decided that mowing will be done one time, but the entire right of way will be mowed, including brush removal. Trimming is required around all mailboxes and sign posts within 3 inches, using a finishing mower or weed whip. Mowing should be completed to a height of 4 inches or less with mowing back 18 feet from the edge of the road, where trees do not create an obstruction. Trees that are at least 2 inches in diameter will be considered an obstruction. Roads will be inspected by the Road Supervisor and must meet his satisfaction before the job will be considered complete. The first 8 feet can be started at any time after July 15th. The rest of the r.o.w. can be started any time after July 31st with the entire project completed by August 15th. A penalty of $100 per day will apply after August 15th. Any damage to signs, sign posts, mailboxes or other personal property shall be paid for by the mowing contractor. Contractor must submit a valid and current certificate of liability insurance. Bids should be submitted by April 27, 2010.


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Dog Control

It was decided that for the present time, residents who call will be told to take stray dogs to H.A.R.T., unless the dog is dangerous, in which case they should call the Sheriff's Department.


Ball Field

The condition of the ball field in the park was considered. It was decided that the field should be either be maintained as it is or improved considerably, which would be an expensive prospect. Discussion followed concerning the low usage of the field as well as a possible need for more playground equipment, which would be more likely to be used. It was decided that the field will be maintained as is and additional equipment will be considered for the playground area. Randy will look into the cost and varieties of equipment.


Mark shared information from a recent City of Brainerd meeting concerning fire service.


Susie gave the treasurers report and the quarterly budget report was reviewed. Claims were approved and paid.



Dave gave the road report. The counter on the gravel portion of 50th Avenue has been repeatedly moved off the roadway. Since we cannot get an accurate count, paving of this section of road will not move forward. A proposal from Anderson Brothers for crackfilling on Gorron Road and South Oaks Road for $3634.21 was considered. Dave made a motion to accept the proposal, second by Mark, carried by unanimous vote. Mark made a motion to accept Anderson Brothers' bid for $11,188 for 80th Street. A bid of $11,000 had also been received from Dale's Excavating. Dale's gravel has not been tested yet. The motion was seconded by Greg Smith and carried by unanimous vote.


Items identified during the annual road tour were discussed as follows:


Spot shouldering and gopher poisoning is needed throughout the township.


A note should be added to the website stating that we have noticed improvement on some of the properties with outside storage violations in


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Barrows and thanking them for making progress.


Gravel  is needed on the west end of Wels Avenue


9939 Homeplace Drive has rocks in the r.o.w. and 9890 has a cement mailbox post. These addresses should receive letters, so that the obstructions can be removed before the road is accepted by the township. A letter should be sent to the developer as well.


8528 Travis Trail – bags of garbage were found in the ditch on Sweet Road with magazines bearing this address - send letter regarding this Kevin Flategraaf


Roscoe Road – needs some gravel, remove rocks


Cook Road - patching


Rocks over 5” at 7213 Burr Lane driveway - send letter to remove.


Atwater Court - mailbox post needs to be replaced with breakaway post.


Contact Mills again about debris dumped on property - furniture and garbage. Greg will mention this to Bruce Buxton.


10253 Depot Street - wooden planters in r.o.w.


Vian's old place on Heron Street - complaint received about garbage left on lot, blowing onto neighboring properties.


Mark made a motion to spot shoulder where needed in the township, poison gophers along roadways, patch pavement where needed and 2 ten yard loads of gravel on the end of Wels Avenue. Dale's Excavating can be used if the gravel passes the gradation tests. Letters should be sent as indicated above. The motion was seconded by Greg and carried by unanimous vote.


The SCORE fund paperwork was completed and approved.


Minutes will be reviewed by the supervisors and approved at the next meeting. 

Correspondence was reviewed.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:55 p.m. by general consent. 

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