Regular Meeting September 29, 2009

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                                                                        September 29, 2009  Regular Meeting


The Crow Wing Township Board of Supervisors held its Regular Meeting on Tuesday, September 29, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at the Crow Wing Town Hall. Present were Chairman Greg Smith, Supervisors Mark Platta and Dave Schultz, Clerk Virginia Rogers and those on the attached roster.


Greg called the meeting to order and the pledge to the flag was recited.


There were no gopher bounties claimed.


Big Woods Timber Complaint


Mark Strobel was present with a petition from residents who live near Big Woods Timber requesting that the violations that they have be dealt with and something done to correct the problems. He reported a fire left unattended last year that had to be put out by the Brainerd Fire Department. He also noted that the former owner, Blue Ox Co-op, was a good neighbor, but that the current owners are not. Greg informed him that the township will need to look into what ordinances are being violated and what can be done to correct these violations. He also mentioned that the Planning Commission has been working very hard on this issue. Cliff Carlson noted the fact that the business is operating under a Conditional Use Permit and that the business can be shut down if the conditions aren't met. Other discussion followed with the board determining that the Planning Commission should visit the property on the October 1st deadline and or as soon thereafter as convenient and verify whether or not the conditions have been met and the violations cleared up. Greg made a motion that if the conditions aren't met by the deadline, that on the business day after the site visit by Planning Commission, the CUP will be pulled and legal measures taken to close the business down. The motion was seconded by Mark and carried by unanimous vote.


Baseball Field


Greg had received a request that the township finish the baseball field in the park. Various ideas were discussed. Greg suggested putting the topic on the annual meeting agenda and looking into putting a survey on the township website. 


Resolution 2009-10 Resolution to Approve Lot Subdivisions Prior to Recording


Mark made a motion to pass Resolution 2009-10 which is attached to these minutes. The motion was seconded by Dave and carried by unanimous vote.


110th Street - Appliance Dumping


A complaint had been received about appliances being dumped on the Mills property off the end of 110th Street. Mark had visited the property and found that there are both appliances and garbage being dumped there. A letter will be written to the property owner requesting that they clean up the area and consider fencing it off, so that it does not continue to be a problem in the future.


White Oaks Glen

Dave had a total for the road work $3,790 for the project itself. Ginny will add the attorney fees to this amount and get a total project cost to Steve Hagen.


Jackson Street - Petition to Vacate


Mark suggested postponing a decision on the petition until the appropriate steps have been taken through our planning office for the lot split. Jim Jackson and Zack Jackson were again instructed to visit Community Growth Institute to complete the lot split that would prevent the road from being vacated.


Public Comments


A resident reported that a truck driver has been driving through Barrows with what he believes are loads that are over the road limit. He was encouraged to let the town board know if a heavy load is seen so that we can have the highway patrol check it. Dirt bike riding on Barrows streets was also reported.


Vandalism at Park


Randy reported that the flag at the park was again vandalized again. For now the flag has been taken down. Randy will call the electrician to see if he possibly didn't tighten up the light with a wrench and it will be put back up again.


Mark shared information from the Crow Wing County Association of Townships and District 8 Meetings.


The minutes of the September 1, 2009 were read. Due to some confusion about what the actual statement was, the sentence including Tom Feierabend's comment about his use of Jackson Street was removed. Greg made a motion to accept the minutes with that correction. The motion was seconded by Mark and carried by unanimous vote.


Correspondence was reviewed and payroll was reviewed and approved.


The meeting adjourned by general consent at 9:30 p.m.