Regular Meeting - June 8, 2010

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    June 8, 2010  Regular Meeting


The Crow Wing Township Board of Supervisors held its Regular Meeting on Tuesday, June 8 , 2010 at 6:00 p.m. at the Crow Wing Town Hall.  Present were Chairman Greg Smith, Supervisor Dave Schultz, Clerk Virginia Rogers, Treasurer Susan Goodew and those on the attached public roster.


No gopher bounties were claimed.


Planning & Zoning

In response to a request received from Port Group Home, it was decided that a letter will be written to Mark and Mary Witte asking them to try to work things out with the PORT home next door. Communication should be encouraged between the parties, but if they believe there is a zoning violation involved they should contact the Town Board with their concerns.



Ed Fox brought in a proposal for work on the park making the field in the park usable for both baseball and football and starting a semi-pro football team. The plan was presented in writing and is attached to these minutes. He stated that more land would have to be cleared to expand the playing area. He proposed a cooperative effort between the township and the team to get the work done with the township allowing the use of mowing equipment. Discussion followed about financing for the project and other details. The plan would include preparing the field this year, as well as getting permission to start the team with the intent of playing next season. Dave stated that if preparing the field isn't going to cost the township money, he wouldn't have a problem with seeing the ground prepared and seeded in preparation. Ed was asked to attend the next Planning Commission meeting to get their input.


PUBLIC HEARING: Petition to Vacate - Strong Avenue

A petition had been received requesting that the unconstructed portion of Strong Avenue be vacated between Robin Street and Heron Street. Everything was found to be in order regarding notification and all affected parties were present. Discussion followed regarding the fact that the ordinance states that we cannot create of a dead end street and the fact that we would need to establish a cul de sac large enough for a school bus to turn around on.  It was determined that if Cluever Construction would dedicate back a piece of the vacated end of Strong Avenue there might be room for a place to back in, but as it currently exists, there is not room for either a cul de sac or hammerhead. Greg made a motion to deny the petition. The motion was seconded by Dave and carried by unanimous vote.


Bachman Wilderness Acres

Brian and Cynthia Bachman were present to discuss the roads in the plat of Bachman Wilderness Acres and what is needed to be done before they can be assumed for township maintenance. The end of Black Bear Trail was considered and what could be done to make a large enough area for emergency and other large vehicles to turn around. It was determined that enough area would probably be allowed by filling in a larger area on the end. Crack filling will need to be done as well as eliminating the vegetation that is coming up through the pavement on the other cul de sac. Bryan will look into these details.



Hytec Construction had submitted a proposal for installation of the horseshoe pits.  Playground equipment was considered. The set approved at the previous meeting ended up being more costly than expected due to approximately $4000 in freight and sales tax, so other options had been researched. Greg made a motion to order the Katherine Modular Play Set set for $21,741 from HR Hardware. The motion was seconded by Dave and carried by unanimous vote.


Dave made a motion that Gordon Seehafer's recycling pay be transferred to the park fund each time that he works, following his wishes. He does not wish to be paid but would like to see that money go into the park instead. The motion was seconded by Greg and carried by unanimous vote.  This will be done on an ongoing basis.


Dave gave the road report. He will get gravel prices from local contractors for gravelling various roads in the township. 6153 Brandon Way has a rope from the mailbox to a tree. A letter should be sent letting them know that this must be removed.


The minutes of the May 25, 2010 Regular Meeting were reviewed, Dave made a motion to approve the minutes as written. The motion was seconded by Greg and carried by unanimous vote.


Correspondence was reviewed.


The meeting was adjourned at 9:10 p.m. by general consent.