Regular Meeting - June 2, 2009

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June 2, 2009 Regular Meeting


The Crow Wing Township Board of Supervisors held its Regular Meeting on Tuesday, June 2, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at the Crow Wing Town Hall. Present were Chairman Greg Smith, Supervisors Mark Platta and Dave Schultz, Clerk Virginia Rogers, Treasurer Susan Goodew and those on the attached public roster.


There were no gopher feet presented for bounty.


Cliff and Tim from North Central Speedway were present to request a renewal of their liquor license for the coming year. While the board reviewed the paperwork, Greg shared a complaint that was received about the noise coming from the racetrack on Sunday. Tim stated that the same cars were running on Sunday as on Saturday. Marty Wetherbee stated that the noise was miserable that day and made working outside unpleasant. Cliff and Tim were asked to take decibel readings and bring them back to the board. Cliff stated that a reading was not taken on Sunday, but that they have required two decibels less this year. Mark made a motion to approve the 3.2 liquor license. The motion was seconded by Greg and carried by unanimous vote.


Residents from the plat of Nature Path were present with a petition for the paving of the roads in the plat. They need two more signatures from property owners who have stated that they will sign. They will get the signatures and bring the petition to Ginny. Greg made a motion to set the assessment at 4% for a period of ten years. The motion was seconded by Mark and carried by unanimous vote.


Glen and Marty Wetherbee were present and had submitted a letter regarding the fence along their parents’ property. The Town Board had asked that the fence be moved out of the right of way. They stated that the right of way was only 33 feet when the fence was first established and that it will be quite expensive to move it. Discussion followed. The supervisors decided that they will look at the fence again to see if it does indeed need to be moved.


Susie gave the treasurers report and claims reviewed, approved and paid.


Randy updated the board on the vandalism at the park. The light for the flag was destroyed and the electricity to the rest of the park is not working. A light globe is also missing. Randy will report it to the Sheriff’s Department, Ginny will contact the insurance company and Greg will ask Brad Arnold for the name of the electrician who installed the lights to arrange for the repair.


Greg related information about the pole shed being built by James Munsch on his property. The shed doesn’t meet the required setbacks. His site sketch that the land use permit was based on indicated that the building would be set back as required. Discussion followed. Mark made a motion that he be required to remove the structure and place it following the required setbacks. The motion died for lack of a second. It was decided that the Planning Commission should look into it and make a recommendation at their meeting next week.


Greg has not been able to speak with Rob Hall yet, so the five-year road plan will be postponed until we find out when he will be available.


Rob Neilson had called about the letter he received asking him to remove the portable basketball hoop from the cul de sac on Forest Heights Drive when it is not in use. Discussion followed concerning that he did not respond to the letters sent by the town board in previous years. We did not hear from him until the attorney sent him a letter. Ginny was asked to send him a letter stating that by State Statute, this type of obstruction is not allowed.


Ginny was asked to have Kelly & Sons tow the white car that is again parked in the right of way at Curt Engholm’s residence.


Dave gave the road report.


Greg made a motion to adopt Resolution #2009-07 -Conflict of Interest - which is attached to these minutes. The motion was seconded by Dave and carried with Mark abstaining.


The minutes of the May 19, 2009 Regular Meeting were read. Greg made a motion to accept the minutes as written. The motion was seconded by Mark and carried by unanimous vote.


The meeting was recessed at 9:45 p.m. to be reconvened on Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at7:00 p.m.

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